White Crane & Yin & Yang


The Chinese White Crane is represented by the White “Bai” whose ancient pictograph 白 representative of a white cotton bobin meaning White positive, pure or the Yang energy of the Yin Yang Symbol.

                                                            Yin Yang 

It stands for the positive or brightness / purity of energetics  in the Martial sense. The White Crane in nature strikes away from its body or core but its wings also arc back inwards towards its body / heart / essence.

Sadly there are many “Authorities” (I use term very loosely) who have learned a Crane Kata here or there and all of  sudden become “Experts” (“X” is an unknown factor & a “spurt” is a drip under pressure!) on all aspects of White Crane,. Yet they have through their own blindness and rush to become a person of note, an “Authority” have …. lost sight of the real White Crane, its Yin Yang dynamics and the relation to Dianxue or Dim Mak.

In looking at a real White Crane in nature, one observes the line of Black feathers on the Cranes Wings, the patch of black on the Cranes Head circling the Red Crown and the Tail Feathers and the legs / feet which is representative  of the Yin  whose primitive pictograph 黑 “Hei” represents Fire going out a window or chimney, meaning Black.  This Fire 火 Energy manifest itself in that of flames / to burn with fire / fury / anger / temper / urgency / imminent / pressing  / ammunition / fiery or flaming / internal heat (the latent “heat” in human body) .

The White Crane therefore is the perfect union and expression of the Yin and the Yang in duality, flow, energetics and movement expression.

Being more than just “Black or White”, the crane is a constant interchange between each other a wonderful expression of Yin and Yang in nature constantly changing, flowing to achieve balance and harmony of energy and movement.

The White Crane mainly attacks the Neurological aspects of the human being as these areas are more superficial towards the surface areas and therefore susceptible to such nerve strikes than that of the Vascular regions found at a deeper level.

A significant aspect of these types of White Crane Nerve attacks is found when the Nerves, Nerve Plexuses and Neurological areas are struck or manipulated, the opponent will experience an almost “Blinding Flash” of White before their eyes ….. Another Movement – Energy relation to the “White” of the White Crane!

Black vision before the eyes will occur when Vascular or Vasovagal attacks are made, mainly because of striking at a deeper level top effect the “Blood gates”, the blood and lowering of blood pressure all leading towards a sense of “fading away to black”.

Some “Authorities” (remember I wrote of them above) will say that this is the “Tiger” aspect of Dianxue and or the ancient Wubeizhi (so-called “Bubishi”) text! They will tell you that it is in the use of the “Tiger Claws” that this occurs! they will also “assign” various Modern Kata to this “interpretation”. The problem is that real, original White Crane goes way back in history past the era of Fang Qiniang during the Qing Dynasty (1636–1912)  and her husband, a Tiger boxer by the name of Zeng Si Chu!

Real Original White Crane arose from the hands of the Song Dynasty Sòng cháo 960 – 1279 and the personages of  Li Yuanshou, a teacher of Venerable Qiuyuè chánshi So much for the Seiunchin Kata “theory!” Historically many believe that the Seiunchin kata originated in Hsing-I which is not White Crane nor related even via the Wubeizhi. The term Seiunchin  translates as “Subdue from a Distance” …….. Hmmm doesn’t sound like a close quarters Grabbing, seizing, tearing “Claw” method now does it?



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